Thank you to Alexander House Trade Union Branch

On Saturday 10th Dec 2022 we were delighted to receive a donation of £425 from Kerry Fairless of the former Southend based Alexander House Trade Union Branch.

Kerry said ” The closure of Alexander House in Southend ends 50 years of Customer’s presence. Our branch prided itself om protecting workers and playing a positive role in the community.

Over the years we’d raised a considerable amount for our campaign fund are are delighted to donate what is left to the Finish Line Fund. We lost our own, beloved President, Mike Lightfoot to a sudden heart attack a few years back and Nick Palmer’s mother Linda, was a member of the branch for many years.

The Finish Line Fund is there to sae lives and if our donation goes some way towards doing that, it will be an excellent testimony to all of those who have worked and been members of our Branch”.

We’d like to thank Kerry and all those who will have contributed over the years for the donation.