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The Finish Line Fund London Marathon Team

On Sunday, 14th May we thanked our fantastic London Marathon Team for their brilliant dedication and commitment in representing the charity (unfortunately Jennie Evans was unavailable)

They combined brilliantly and fundraised way beyond our expectations.

Thanks again to Linda Donnelly, Michelle Watson, Julie Ludlow, Debbie Daws, Catherine Popplewell, Kelly Jenkins-Hoare and to everyone who donated to them, we are very grateful. 🖤🧡

Runners take to the streets to help raise funds…

Saturday 25th March saw the 3rd annual running of the Finish Line Fund Virtual Relay.

278 runners from six clubs took part and raised £1,924 for the Finish Line Fund.

The event simply requires 12 consecutive half hour slots to be filled by each club’s runners, with no limit on the maximum. Runners can run anywhere on their own route with points awarded for most mileage covered and number of runners per club.

Runners took part from Benfleet Running Club, Flyers Southend, Rayleigh Road & Trail, South Woodham Runners, Leigh-on-Sea Striders, and Pitsea Running Club.

Leigh-on-Sea Striders came out on top for the 2nd year running.

Mark Benham the charity’s secretary said.

“We are delighted that the event was such a success once more. We started this event in the 2021 lockdown and have now run two events since. To have so many runners on the streets raising money for the charity was fantastic. We’d like to thank all the runners who took part and the clubs who participated to ensure the numbers were high. Fundraising such as this is vital for us to continue our work”.

London Marathon 2023

As a small charity, we are not able to purchase charity places for the London Marathon. 

We are therefore reliant on those supporters who gain ballot places, putting themselves forward to fundraise for the charity. 

This year we are blessed to have Debbie Daws, Linda Donnelly , Kelly Hoare, Julie Ludlow and Michelle Watson fundraising for us, running the London streets, at the event on April 23rd.

Additionally Jennie Evans and Catherine Popplewell are fundraising in the Virtual London Marathon. 

We would like to extend our thanks to all our fundraisers , wish them well with their remaining training over the next few weeks and of course on the big day.

This week we held a fundraising Curry evening, which was enjoyed by 32 attendees.


Finish Line Fund and CrossFit get together to help raise the bar!

Finish Line Fund and CrossFit get together to help raise the bar!

We recently completed work with three Essex based CrossFit organisations to provide vital life saving equipment at each venue.

CrossFit is the high-intensity fitness programme incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise.

At Crossfit 13 in Hutton, Two Tails CrossFit in Wickford and The Training Design Gym in Chelmsford, we have worked together to provide three separate defibrillator facilities.

In the case of CrossFit 13 and The Training Design these are public access facilities, which are also available to serve the wider public, on two busy industrial sites.

The owners of each organisation held fundraising days for members to contribute and the response in each case was outstanding.

We would like to thank the fantastic fundraising achievement in each case.

Pictured are trustee Malcom Keys at CrossFit 13 in Brentwood with owner Emily Hart and

If you would like to find out more about CrossFit :-


2022 Finish Line Frolic

It’s hard to believe that two months have passed since the Finish Line Frolic on 31st July. It’s taken that time for us to finalise the various financial aspects of the event.

Last weekend our chairman Keith Passingham paid a visit to another Hare & Tortoise Running charity event “Mayor & Tortoise-Mayor’s Big Run” and was pleased to be advised of the final Frolic donation, a fantastic £3,854, which includes the sponsorship funds from My Race Kit, Southbourne Physiotherapy, and Malcolm Keys Consulting.

We would like to thank Bev and Pete at Hare & Tortoise once again for their fantastic support and that of our wonderful sponsors and supporters, at the event and through months of preparation.

We were delighted to attract 131 entries, 115 runners on the day, all competing over a lapped approximately 5k route which started at Belchamps Scout Centre (who made us very welcome) and passed though Gusted & Hockley Woods.

Runners completed as many laps as they wished in the 6-hour time limit, with Mike Woodward of Pitsea RC and Jemma Lee of Leigh on Sea Striders, coming out on top. 

Full results are here:

Here’s what some of the runners had to say: –

“An awesome experience”

“Friendly, Fun and Peaceful”

“Wonderfully organised, inclusive event”

“Great event, medal and goody bag”

“Great race, lovely atmosphere”

“Brilliantly organised, great route”

“There was so much to love about this event”

Finally, we are delighted to announce that the Frolic will return on Sunday 30th July 2023, once more at Belchamps Scout Centre. Please come and join us, you can sign up here

Runner’s charity challenges based on New Seven Wonders of the World

Keith Passingham, 69, will run around Southend’s 23-mile (37km) Millennium Walk in a challenge based on the trails to the ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in southern Peru. – Courtesy PA News Agency

A retired science teacher plans to complete seven charity running challenges based on the New Seven Wonders of the World to mark his 70th birthday year.

The keen runner also aims to complete 2,340ft (713m) of ascent – the height above sea level of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue – within a single run around his hometown of Rayleigh, Essex.

He is devising a challenge for each of the New Seven Wonders of the World: the Great Wall of China; Chichen Itza in Mexico; Petra in Jordan; Machu Picchu; Christ the Redeemer; the Colosseum; and the Taj Mahal.

He said he had looked at the original Seven Wonders of the World when devising his challenge “without any joy”.

“It just didn’t fit, so I looked at the new wonders and I tried to base it on them,” he said.

“I’ve still got a couple that I’ve got to try to work out.

“The Great Wall of China, and a place called Petra (in Jordan).

“I’ve had to go on Wikipedia quite a bit.”

Mr Passingham, who will turn 70 in November, is raising funds for the Finish Line Fund which was established in 2014 after the death of a Flyers Southend running group member who collapsed after he finished the Southend Half Marathon.

He is chairman of trustees at the Finish Line Fund, which has helped to pay for defibrillators along Southend’s seafront, first aid and coaching, and contributed towards the costs of setting up a local parkrun.

It also provides grants including to runners or their families affected by serious injury, disability or death while participating in the sport.

“Last year one of the other trustees did 20 marathons in 2020 and raised sufficient funds to buy two defibrillators, and I thought I would carry on the fundraising,” said Mr Passingham, who started running in the 1980s.

He is aiming to run 1,111 miles (1,788km) in 2021 in a challenge “loosely based on” the ruined ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza in Mexico.

He said he found a virtual run around Lake Superior in North America which is “almost that sort of figure” and is 1,111 miles long.

He plans to run an ultra-marathon called Race To The King, from Andover in Hampshire to Winchester, for his Taj Mahal challenge.

For his Colosseum challenge he will participate in an event called Hercules Labour Two – the Night Run, where he will run as far as he can in six hours at night.

Mr Passingham, who was born in 1951, is aiming to raise more than £1,951 for charity from his challenges.

He started the Flyers Southend running group in 2001 while working to get his fitness back after recovering from bowel cancer.

– To donate, see

20 marathons in 2020!

Anne Purdham

Everyone at Finish Line Fund is naturally extremely thankful to Trustee Anne Purdham and all of her supporters upon the completion of her fantastic 20 marathons in 2020 fundraising challenge yesterday.

As the year unfolded with the cancellation of most organised events, Anne required even more determination and dedication to complete the challenge culminating in 5 marathons over the last 5 weekends.

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported the charity along the way , but the biggest thanks of course go to Anne on her fantastic effort. Special mention too to Graham for his wonderful support act!

Her fundraising page currently stands at over £2,800. A quick reminder as to what this and other fundraising efforts have funded this year:

  • Funding costs for Chalkwell Beach parkrun set-up-
  • Medical costs for Company of Runners events-
  • Equipment and defibrillator for Hare & Tortoise Events-
  • Defibrillator installation at Jubilee Beach, Southend-
  • Defibrillator installation at East Beach, Southend –
  • Equipment for Leigh on Sea Striders-
  • Medical costs for Pitsea Running Club (deferred to 2021)

Thanks again everyone who has contributed , an finally, in these difficult times Finish Line Fund Trustees wish all our supporters a very Merry & Safe Christmas